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Situated on the splendid island of Naxos, in Naxos Town (Hora) are the Apollon Hotel, the Chateau Zevgoli and the Castro Residence close to the beautiful Grotta Beach. All three Naxos Town hotels are near the entertainment venues, shops and transportation hubs of the island. They are ideal for couples, families or groups of friends, being able to accommodate them in a comfortable, relaxed and tranquil ambience.

  • Apollon Hotel – Fontana

    Naxos Hotels Naxos Town Hotels

    The Apollon Hotel is comprised of spacious hotel rooms and a family room some of which offer view of the Aegean Sea. They are all air-conditioned and include a TV, a phone, a mini fridge, a safe deposit box, internet access and a balcony.

    The Apollon Hotel in Naxos Town offers first rate facilities and accommodating services by its friendly and efficient staff.

  • Chateau Zevgoli – Bourgos

    Naxos Hotels Naxos Town Hotels

    Experience a journey back into the past during your stay at the Chateau Zevgoli, located in Bourgos region, at the Old Naxos Town, just five minutes from the scenic harbour.

    This elegant traditional-style hotel is comprised of comfortable, air-conditioned hotel rooms and two suites that include a TV, a phone, a safe deposit box and internet access. Several rooms also have a mini fridge. Some units feature a balcony with a superb sea view.

    The Chateau Zevgoli Hotel at the Old Naxos Town provides organized facilities and excellent services, guaranteeing moments of relaxation and unwinding in a serene environment.

  • Castro Residence – Kastro

    Naxos Hotels Naxos Town Hotels

    At the region of Kastro, in the heart of Naxos Old Town, you will be delighted to find the Castro Residence, a traditional two-storey manor with a wonderful terrace where you can spend laid-back moments enjoying a cool drink.

    The Castro Residence is comprised of two lovely, fully appointed, independent studios providing accommodation in a charming and peaceful environment.

    The great view of the Aegean Sea from the Naxos Town Hotel Castro Residence will enchant you.

Naxos Town (Hora), Naxos Island

The most frequented tourist area on Naxos Island is Naxos Town (Chora). It is an attractive town displaying a fusion of Venetian and Cycladic elements with modern features. Naxos Town (Hora) is renowned for its fine architecture, dazzling sandy beaches and very well developed tourist infrastructure with a plethora of restaurants, tavernas, cafés and clubs situated by the seaside.

Naxos Island, Greece

Naxos Island is one of the most multidimensional and beautiful Greek Islands. Throughout the island there are picturesque villages, interesting archaeological sites, breathtaking natural areas, stimulating nightlife venues and magnificent beaches. Thousands of visitors from all over the world visit Naxos every year to spend an unforgettable holiday.