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The Cycladic Island of Naxos is a land that combines many stunning natural features, making it one of the most exciting and charming vacation destinations in the Aegean Sea.

Naxos has a well developed tourist infrastructure, with many entertainment venues and restaurants, creating a happy and relaxing atmosphere for tourists.

The island is full of superb historical and religious sites, as well as compelling mountain scenery and fertile plains. It is particularly well known for it long sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

On this page we provide you with useful travel information about Naxos Beaches, sightseeing options and attractions that you can get acquainted with while on holiday on the wonderful Naxos Island, Greece.

Naxos Sites & Attractions

Naxos Island has a long and rich history and therefore possesses an abundance of historical sites. While you are on vacation in Naxos Town, we suggest you first visit the Portara - the Gate to the Temple of Apollo and the Sanctuary of Dionysus. Afterwards, while wandering around Naxos Town, you will come upon the 13th century Venetian Castle with its winding alleyways and the fine Archaeological Museum. Don’t forget to visit the splendid Mycenaean City.

Other towns and settlements in Naxos also have significant sights, such as the Archaeological, Geological, Folklore and Natural History Museums and the 17th century Zevgoli Castle in Apiranthos, as well as the remains of Mycenaean tombs in Eggares. The Sanctuaries of Demetra and Apollo, the towers and the windmills are the main attractions in Sagri. The Cave of Za and the ancient tower of Chimarros in Filoti are also worth visiting. The Kouroi in Apollonas and Melanes are a must-see, while vacationing in Naxos Greece.

Naxos Beaches

Along the coast of Naxos Island, there is a plethora of lovely beaches that can satisfy all visitors. The beaches of Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, Agios Georgios, Grotta, Pachia Ammos and Plaka are the closest and loveliest near Naxos Town, with azure waters, many of them boasting silky white or golden tinged sand. Many Naxos Beaches such as Lagouna, offer windsurfing facilities, as Naxos weather conditions are ideal to enjoy your favorite sport.

In the southwestern part of Naxos lie the beautiful beaches of Orkos, Miki Vigla and Alykos. You can also try the Moutsouna and Apollonas Beaches, located on the eastern side of Naxos.

Local Cuisine of Naxos

Naxos is also famous for its local cuisine, which you can try at the tavernas and restaurants around the island. There is a great variety of locally produced cheeses, meat and game. Naxos Island is famed for its sweet wine and citrus produce, which is used for tasty preserves and liqueurs.